Let your concerns be heard – 10-3-13

Let your concerns be heard – 10-3-13

A meeting of the Democratic Club will be held at the Orchid Building (816 Camarillo Springs Rd.) tomorrow, Thursday, October 3 at 7:00pm.  This meeting is open to the public.  You do NOT have to be a  club member and your political affiliation does not matter.

The “Special Speaker” is Camarillo City Council Member  Kevin Kildee  who will comment on current events in our community. 

 Among the “events” nearest and dearest to the hearts of those of us who reside in Camarillo is the Conejo Creek development.  Mr. Kildee will probably avoid commenting on this issue directly but a room full of Camarillo voters will make a lasting impression. 

There are many questions that need to be asked and answered that transcend that issue specifically:

  • Why did the City Council vote to approve a 722 unit apartment complex on the Imation (eye-mation) site off Lewis Rd. and how many more daily car trips will they generate?
  • What is the City Council doing to address the additional traffic generated by the 1350 residential units now being built in the Springville Project across the 101 from the airport? How many more car trips will that project generate?
  • What is the status of the 50 million dollar “desalter plant”?
  • In 2011 the City Council approved an increase in sewer rates to cover the cost of improvements to the levee protecting the wastewater treatment plant. The levee was repaired but the improvement work necessary to protect the plant from a 100 year flood was never performed. What is the City Council doing with this money?
  • Given that several parts of Colorado recently experienced a “1000 year flood” event, wouldn’t it be prudent to prohibit residential development on a 100 year flood plain?
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