Choices for City Council Candidates?

Choices for City Council Candidates?

There will be a Candidate’s Forum at City Hall on:

Tuesday September 30, at 7:00 pm 

Now that the City Council has denied the referral to rezone the Conejo Creek farmland, does that mean that it is safe?  If you are interested in hearing what our three long-term candidates have to say along with a plethora of new candidates, come on back to City Hall on Tuesday. 

Find out where the candidates stand.  The forum moderator will select questions from cards filled out by the audience.  This is the time to ask pointed and pertinent questions.  We will be there early with some ideas that may be helpful.  

With over 2,100 housing units approved and soon-to-be-built in Camarillo, this is the time to ask “why more?!” when our water supply is diminishing and water rates are skyrocketing.  See pages 2-6 on the City of Camarillo Community Development Monthly Report:

Although the City Council denied the Conejo Creek development rezoning of the agricultural land, the EIR is still winding its way through the process.  We need to stay vigilant.  Was a back door left open for another attempt to develop this land?

As you are aware the Conejo Creek development was the third attempt to develop this precious farmland at the Gateway into our City.  We are launching a campaign to raise needed funds to place an inititative on the ballot so that a vote of the people, rather than a vote of just the City Council, will decide whether to rezone farmland for development.  That way we do not need to keep fighting this same battle over and over.

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“The People are the City”

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