Event: City Council General Plan Amendment Hearing re: Conejo Creek Properties


Calleguas Land Co (Plaintiffs in the lawsuit brought against our newly passed Camarillo SOAR Measure J)  has also submitted a General Plan Amendment referral TO ONCE AGAIN ATTEMPT TO DEVELOP THE “CONEJO CREEK PROPERTIES” area. This is roughly the same area that is now included in the Voter Participation Area and would thus require a final vote of the people before it could be rezoned for development.  The City Council General Plan Amendment Hearing for all of the requests (including this one and the Camarillo Golf Course) will be held on January 25th.

The next court date for the lawsuit brought about by the Calleguas Land Company against the Camarillo SOAR Measure J is April 17 to, again, set dates for briefs and a final hearing in front of the judge, probably about 75 days out from the 4/17 date. During the last court date Judge O’Neill noted that the voters had passed Measure J rather handily, by more than 73 percent of the voters in Camarillo.

The Calleguas Land Co is claiming, among other things,  that their land which is in the CURB (City Urban Restriction Boundary) was wrongly described as being inside the city and are asking the court to invalidate Measure J.

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