Key Differences Between the Competitng Initiatives

3/11/16 from the Acorn:
“SOAR Alternative Moves Forward
Proposal would also extend restrictions but allow more exceptions”
Supervisor, Linda Parks, “said the measures provided for in the COLAB version allow for less protection of open space and were written by and for developers” The Acorn noted that the organization’s executive director is the owner of the largest civil engineering firm in Ventura County. 
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From the SOAR organization:



Ventura County Needs You!

We’ve been anticipating that this day would come. Well, it has arrived. A competing initiative is now in the works, being spearheaded by the same forces who opposed the original set of SOAR initiatives in 1998. We need your help now more than ever.

SOAR’s team is in the middle of more in depth research on CoLAB’s initiative and will present more detailed findings in the near future. There are some key differences worth noting immediately:


CoLAB’s initiative returns land use decisions back to business as usual in 2036, only 16 years beyond the current 2020 expiration.  SOAR preserves voters right to determine rezoning of agricultural land and open space until 2050.


CoLAB’s initiative has exceptions that threaten a significant amount of agricultural land opening up new doors for development.


CoLAB’s initiative is supported by those who will make tens of millions of dollars if they can devise loopholes to allow for conversion of farmland and open space to more urbanized uses.  SOAR is supported by grassroots citizens across the county.  Our funding comes from people who will not make a profit from urban sprawl projects.


Ultimately, CoLAB’s initiative is meant to confuse the electorate and weaken SOAR.

SOAR was right in 1998 and it will be right again in 2016 with a people powered campaign for the protection of open space and agricultural land.

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