Let the City Council know how you feel

Declaration of Circulator mistake copy

An incorrect date was printed in the Circulator’s Certification box at the end of each petition section. Though it was not in the actual petition, this date was in error and invalidated all of the petitions.

After examining every possibility, we have come to the conclusion that the best way to protect the Conejo Creek farmland with a vote of the people is to re-gather signatures.  

This time we have only 6 weeks (until May 20th) to get it done. With grit, determination and YOU on our side we can do this!

But…the Camarillo City Council has the authority to simply place the Camarillo SOAR initiative on the ballot, without any petitioning. They could save the community a lot of time and effort by doing this.

Let the City Council know that we expect them to do the right thing and put the Camarillo SOAR petition on the ballot. We are asking our supporters to send emails to the City Council and the newspapers to let the City Council know that the wishes of over 6,600 residents should not be twarted by a typo. *See email links below.

It is important that in all correspondence we must make our position clear, if the City Council agrees to put the initiative on the ballot, we will not accept any changes!

Come to the next City Council meeting this Wednesday, April 13th. The public comment period which begins at 7:30pm is a great place to let them know how strongly we feel.

Please join us at our ReGathering Rally and learn more about our new Campaign strategies.

Monday, April 11, 2016

6:30 PM

2168 Dunnigan, Camarillo 
(heading up Arneill toward Las Posas,
turn left on Dunnigan )

Refreshments will be served
Free SOAR T-Shirts for everyone
Hear the latest news!

If we ever needed your help, this is it.

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