Letters to the Editor – Rescinded – for Now

Letters to the Editor – Rescinded – for Now

Letters to the Editor, Sept 18, 2014 VC Star

Louise Roberts, Camarillo

Plan Rescinded, For Now  –

Citizens of Camarillo, you did it! The Conejo Creek development referral was “rescinded” because of you.

You packed the City Council chambers at four different hearings. You wrote numerous letters to the newspapers, the City Council and the Planning Commission. You encouraged your neighbors, friends and co-workers to come to meetings.

You met us at the farmers market. More than 5,500 of you signed our petition asking that this farmland remain zoned for agriculture. Because you all contributed in so many important ways, this massive project was plowed under, for now.

But what about the future? A speculative development surely will rise up again to be considered for this beautiful piece of fertile farmland floodplain at our gateway.

Though the council made the right decision this time, who knows what the future may bring? The fate of this farmland is still in the hands of five City Council members on any given Wednesday night.

We are gearing up for a new campaign to ensure that the community of Camarillo will be the ones to decide the next time.

The writer is with the group Stop Conejo Creek Development. — Editor


Sylvia Lewis Gunning, Thousand Oaks

Breathing Easy

Re: your Sept. 11 article, “Camarillo halts large housing plan”: There is hope. The Wednesday night vote of the Camarillo City Council to deny Development Planning Services the right to build what would amount to a small city in what’s left of the valley floor at the bottom of the Conejo Grade brought tears of joy to my eyes.
The fact that the desires of the citizens whose very quality of life would be irreparably com- promised if such a monstrous development was allowed were considered important by the council is indication that a fair, small governing body can actually prevail in this money-hungry society.

It’s too bad that the five farmland owners who would have likely made out well financially if the project had been approved, will be denied (temporarily) their wish to take the money and run.

I go back decades when I would drive northward from Thousand Oaks and experience an overwhelming sense of comfort and pleasure at the sight of that verdant valley of berries and vegetables which helped feed the nation and provide income for the farmers who owned the land.

Nature gifted us with that fertile valley and we have begun to destroy it with endless shopping malls. In this case, development equates to degradation. It degrades the land and the very air we breathe.

Never can any dollars gained, along with 2,500 houses, business parks, institutions and industrial parks, replace the loss of the natural environment and the benefit it provides.

Even if resident Bob Merrilees’ suggestion that the vote was due to an upcoming election is true, it’s better than the alternative. Bravo, Camarillo City Council. We can all breathe easy … for a while.


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