Loophole for Development – SchoolsNear Ag Land

The Maps below show some of the thousands of acres of farmland that would be allowed to be developed under Sustain VC because they are near shools:

SustainVC removes SOAR protections on over 1,000 acres of farmland.  The backers of SustainVC say removing these protections will “help” agriculture. The “help” they are offering, however, is to let owners of agricultural land convert the land from agriculture to urban development without a vote of the people.

As one example, Section 2.7 of the SustainVC initiative removes SOAR’s requirement of a vote of the people if the farmland is adjacent to schools that are at the edge of cities. It would allow these agricultural parcels to be rezoned and developed into housing tracts or other urban uses with a simple majority vote of three members of the Board of Supervisors.

This exemption has the possibility to blot out farmland adjacent to several cities on parcels ranging in size from 20 to 300 acres each. Far from “helping” agriculture, this exemption encourages development of agricultural land around the edges of cities and promotes “urban sprawl.

Schools near ag land 1 Schools near ag land 2 Schools near ag land 3 Schools near ag land 4 Schools near ag land 5

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