Measure F treasurer: “Master of Deception”

F was crafted to trick you into voting against your core values

Tom Hiltachik is the treasurer for Measure F and the treasurer for the Political Action Committee (PAC) of the State’s largest oil company which gave $100,000 to Kelly Long’s campaign.

According to The New Yorker, his law firm “specializes in initiatives that are the opposite of what they sound like”. The Huffington Post says that Tom Hiltachik is the undisputed MASTER OF DECEPTION, tricking people into voting against their core beliefs. Link to Article

If you value open space and farmland don’t be “F”ooled by Measure “F”.  If you want to help keep Ventura County from becoming another Orange County, then be aware that Measure F has been cleverly crafted to trick you into voting against your own wishes and interests.  Measure “F” has loopholes that would allow thousands of acres of farmland to be developed without a vote of the people – encouraging urban sprawl and increasing traffic.

Its purpose is not to “Keep Farmers Farming” as their signs profess. Its purpose is to fool you into helping farmers develop their lands and reap huge profits.


Measure “F” was written and is sponsored by a group called CoLAB (Coalition of Labor, Agriculture, and Business), the same people who opposed SOAR at its inception back in 1998.

Lynn Jensen is the executive director of CoLAB.  She is also the chief financial officer and co-owner, along with her husband, of Jensen Design and Survey, one of the largest land-use engineering firms in Ventura County.  Her company is made up of eight licensed professional civil engineers, four licensed land surveyors, a registered geologist and a certified land planner.

Jensen claims that the Measure “F” backers are long time farmers who only want to continue farming and have no desire to develop their land.

CoLAB’s Chairman is John Hecht, President of Sespe Engineering Inc., a large development consulting firm in Ventura County.  Hecht was one of Regent Properties’ largest supporters in their attempt to develop the Ventura hillside.

Yes it is clear that the purpose of Measure F is to help farmers – help farmers develop their land, that is. Follow the money.


If “F” passes then the County SOAR Measure (which has been protecting  Ventura County since 1998) ends immediately, along with the coordinated approach between county and city planning efforts. It would then be much harder for voters to protect their communities from the piecemeal sprawl, traffic congestion and overcrowding that we see in places like the San Fernando Valley.

To keep land-use decisions in our hands, and break the cozy link between developers and politicians, vote YES on “C”, the real-deal, original SOAR since 1998 –  and vote NO on “F”.

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