Meeting with new Director, Department of Community Development

Meeting with new Director, Department of Community Development

A group of the Woodside Greens Chapter of Stop Conejo Creek met with Dave Norman, the new Director of the Community Development Department on Friday February 1st.  The Camarillo Springs Chapter (SaveOurSprings) will be meeting with him next week to discuss their concerns.  Our purpose was to get acquainted with him, and introduce our organization to him.  Of course we wanted to express our concerns about the proposed Conejo Creek development in general for all of Camarillo and the surrounding areas, and in particular for Woodside Greens’ residents.  The Woodside Greens’ neighborhood would be particularly impacted by the widening of Pleasant Valley Rd into 6 lanes and the ensuing traffic and noise it would create.

The meeting was very cordial and Mr. Norman listened to our concerns attentively. We presented facts from the DEIR using our visuals to bring home the impacts that this development would have on our quality of life.  We focused on the noise level for residents along Pleasant Valley Road that would be up to 20 dBA over the Camarillo Noise Ordinance, traffic along the 101 freeway and surrounding streets, loss of prime agricultural land, the change in Camarillo’s character from rural to urban, the 5 major developments that have already been approved along the 101 corridor, and the  importance that this gateway and landmark has to the citizens of Camarillo and surrounding areas.

Mr. Norman told us that he was impressed with how well organized and knowledgeable we were and was appreciative that our presentation was based on facts (from the DEIR) and not just emotions.

He then gave us a heads up about the new high school situation. One of the alternative sites that is being considered for the school is on a portion of the proposed Conejo Creek development site.  There is going to be a presentation and informational meeting of a review of alternative sites for the new high school on Thursday, February 7th at 6:30pm in the ACHS library – 4660 Mission Oaks Blvd.   The Oxnard High School District Board will be meeting on February 27th when they will take public comments and accept or reject the alternative school site analysis.  We certainly hope that you will be able to attend one or both of these important meetings.

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