Naval Base Ventura County needs our input…development impacts our Base

An important opportunity for us to express how we feel about the proposed Conejo Creek development’s impact on Naval Base Ventura County(NBVC) is coming up this Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at the Camarillo Library at 6:30 pm.

Naval Base Ventura County is Ventura County’s #1 employer.  Your input at this point will help to keep 19,000 military and civilian jobs in our community.

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Naval Base Ventura County (both Port Hueneme and Point Mugu), has embarked upon a JOINT LAND USE STUDY  (JLUS) – to identify issues and to see how the Base, Ventura County and surrounding cities might work together (policies, processes, priorities) to best achieve the mutual goals of all stakeholders.


They are studying land uses that could impact their missions and operations, particularly those affected by noise and safety .  They are asking for public input as part of their study.


The FIRST public workshop for this study – to educate and inform the public about the study and to hear issues that may be of concern – will take place TUESDAY, SEPT 10, 2013, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm, at the Camarillo Public Library.

This workshop will be of PARTICULAR INTEREST to those who have the insight provided by prior military service and/or base encroachment issues (and especially experience at NAS Point Mugu or CBC Port Hueneme).


Woodside Greens and Village at the Park residents – this is an important opportunity for you to speak to the noise impacts, as you have first hand knowledge of the Runway 21 flightpath noise conditions at the point when inbound aircraft rev their engines to lower landing gear and adjust wing flaps.

Since the proposed Conejo Creek development of 2,500 residential units and 6,600 residents will be “next door”, within 1500 feet of the NBVC Runway 21 inbound flight path, your input is so very important.






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