Save Conejo Creek Organization submits Camarillo SOAR renewal Initiative

Save Conejo Creek Organization submits Camarillo SOAR renewal Initiative

On Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 the Save Conejo Creek organization submitted the Camarillo SOAR renewal initiative to the Camarillo City Clerk. You can read the entire Initiative here.  Over the course of the next six months volunteers will be gathering signatures on a petition to place the initiative on the November 2016 ballot.

SOAR (Save Open-Space and Agricultural Resources) stands for a series of voter initiatives that help safeguard Ventura County’s open space and farmland.  The SOAR organization launched a campaign to renew the 8 Ventura County cities and the Ventura County SOAR Initiatives until 2050.  This includes the Camarillo Initiative which has been updated to include a Conejo Creek Voter Participation Area that encompasses the Conejo Creek agricultural land at the bottom of the Conejo Grade that had been proposed for development. View the map here.  Lands protected by SOAR require a vote of the people before they can be rezoned and approved for development.

Save Conejo Creek began as Stop Conejo Creek Development in 2007 in response to planned development on 900 acres of valuable farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade.  This beautiful Gateway has held a very special meaning to the people of Camarillo as well as all the citizens of Ventura County.  The proposed Conejo Creek development included 2,500 residential units, both single and multi-family as well as 1.3 million square feet of industrial development. Over the next 6 years, as more and more people became aware of this proposal, opposition to the development grew. Several public hearings were packed to overflowing with members of the public who were opposed to this development. The public along with experts in many fields provided testimony as to the significant detrimental impacts of this development.  The hearings culminated last year when the Camarillo City Council unanimously voted to rescind the General Plan Amendment to rezone the Conejo Creek project site.

As this was the third attempt to develop this prime farmland,  we realized that an initiative needed to be put on the ballot to protect the Camarillo landmark. Another proposal could come back and the Camarillo City Council could approve it for study at any time. Accordingly, Stop Conejo Creek has now become Save Conejo Creek. We also have a new facebook page, please like us at

We have launched our campaign to gather signatures on a petition to place the Initiative on the 2016 ballot. We need signature gathers.  If you can help us, please contact us at and join our campaign.

This initiative, when passed, will protect and preserve the Conejo Creek farmland by ensuring that it can not be rezoned for development without the approval of a majority of Camarillo voters at the ballot box.

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