Save Our Springs meeting with Dave Norman

Save Our Springs meeting with Dave Norman

Meeting with Dave Norman, today 11 AM. Present from SOS: Hal, Bob, and I (Stuart had to go out of town).

Introductions: We introduced ourselves and mentioned our professions. Hal introduced SOS. Dave very cordial.

Mr. Norman brought out a map to see where we were on it. [That map shows how landlocked we already are, re traffic issues.]

Hal spoke about SOS and its concerns: traffic, access, evacuation in emergency situations.

Bob spoke in detail re the Camarillo Springs off ramp as well as Pleasant Valley Road, citing to information in the CC booklet.

At that point, Mr. Norman stated that the discussion would be more “conceptual,” rather than detailed. He did state that the traffic issues would not be easy to “overrride,” and that he did not believe they [the developer] could do it.

I spoke then about emergency access for paramedics, and the fact that the DEIR did not include information re same.

Bob and Hal discussed Ridgeview and showed the road on the map that Mr. Norman had placed before us.

Hal brought up CSUCI growth.

I mentioned pesticides coming straight to our front doors from the construction.

Bob referenced going forward to referendum and working with attorneys re same. Dave Norman said he expected this would happen.

Dave Norman: where are we now? We are in the response to comments phase. EIR consultant is responding; many comments; technical consultants have been hired to respond to the many technical comments.  He believes that by late April/early May, the issue will go to the Planning Commission. Response 10 days before hearing. LAFCo asked for 30 days; granted. Dave expects more than one hearing will occur. Hal asked if the public may comment at those hearings; Dave said yes as to all such meetings.

The PC will recomment, or not, certification. Or ask for more information, or recirculate. It is a big project. The PC can certify and it still might not pass the City Council. I asked what was his opinion of alloweing this development when 99% of the population is against it. He said that the job of the PC was to determine if the EIR meets legal standards. He said then that the Planning Commission is made up of human beings; that they will listen to the opposition.

Dave said that there are 2 lynchpins:

1. Auxiliary lanes need to be built – design by Caltrans – a very long process;

2.  Conejo Creek channelization – cannot build if flood issue remains.  Calleguas Creek being modified – flooding improvements will remove certain portion of the CC property out of the flood plain. (?)

High school issue: LAFCO involved re annexing land into City.

Bob: corner parcel owned by US Bank would have to be annexed. Dave not very familiar with this issue. If it’s outside the curb line, he said, the City Council will not do it, but could get the owner to give easement.

Hal thanked Mr. Norman and said we will be happy to help him (obtain our objectives).

Marilyn Vail

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