SOAR Frequently Asked Questins (FAQ’s)


SOAR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: What does the County SOAR do?

A: SOAR requires a vote of the people in the cities and the unincorporated county on proposals to convert open space, agricultural and rural lands for urbanization.

Q: What’s the difference between SOAR and SustainVC?

A: Simply put, SOAR Saves More! SOAR renews the right to vote on protection of open space and farmland until the year 2050. SustainVC drives loopholes into SOAR’s protections and cuts in half the timeframe of SOAR protections. SOAR is supported by grassroots citizens who want to protect open space and farmland for future generations. SustainVC is supported by developers and landowners who will profit from development of those lands.

Q: What happens if both SOAR and SustainVC pass by getting more than 50% of the vote in November?

A: The initiative with the most votes wins.

Q: What if neither SOAR nor SustainVC get 50% of the vote in November?

A: Neither initiative moves forward.

Q: What do city SOAR initiatives do?

A: They put City Urban Restriction Boundaries (CURBs) around a city that can only be changed by a vote of that city’s voters. They provide a second level of protection in cases where cities want to expand into open space and agricultural land in the unincorporated county.

Q:  What if the county SOAR initiative is renewed but a city initiative isn’t?

A: There are at least four years until the current city SOAR initiatives expire so we can try again in a subsequent election to renew the initiative. Without a city SOAR, city councils can bypass the County SOAR to expand their borders and develop county open space and farmland without voters in either the city or the county having a say.

Q:  What if a city SOAR initiative is renewed but the county initiative isn’t?

A:  Without a county SOAR, the Board of Supervisors can rezone open space and farmland in the unincorporated county without a vote of the people.


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