Talking Points


Here are some points that you can use when speaking or writing a letter to the Camarillo City Council, Planning Commission, or Newspapers.  Pick one or more point(s) that resonate(s) with you. These are just starting points to give you some ideas, please feel free to elaborate on them, add or subtract from them, to make them your own. I oppose the Conejo Creek Specific Plan being proposed for the the 740 acres of prime farmland at the bottom of the Conejo Grade because: (choose on or more of the following)
Aesthetics –

  • It will forever change the character of Camarillo from a rural to an urban setting.
  • Our small town atmosphere would be changed with the addition of a 15% increase in our community’s population.
  • The proposed Conejo Creek development would add 6,600 residents.  The already approved Springville development would add another 3,600 residents.
  • This landmark is treasured throughout Southern California as the Gateway into Camarillo and Ventura County for its spectacular view of open farmland and view to the sea. It would be an irreparable loss to Camarillo and the rest of Southern California if it was paved over.

Loss of Agricultural Land –

  • This 895 acres of prime farmland is a precious resource that must be preserved and protected.
  • We are losing more than an acre of farmland per minute in America.
  • We are losing 40,000 acres of farmland per year in California.

Traffic –

  • This project would add 40,948 more cars per day to our roadways.  Along with the 5 already approved projects yet to be built along the 101 corridor, this would bring the total to 165,000 daily car trips.
  • Even with the minimal “improvements” to the 101 Fwy, the Level of Service would still be an “F” (the worse level) on the Conejo Grade and in the middle of our “Camarillo Corridor” between Lewis and Carmen Dr.
  • We still need to absorb the traffic that will be generated from the already approved to be built projects in Camarillo and Oxnard along the 101 Corridor.  In particular, the 21,000 daily car trips still to “hit the streets” from the Springville development.

Naval Base Ventura County –

  • This site lies alongside the main Runway 21 inbound flight path into Pt. Mugu/Port Hueneme Air Installation. The navy is concerned that this development would result in greater noise and safety issues that could potentially limit the baseʼs air testing and training operations.
  • The Naval Base is Ventura Countyʼs #1 employer.  It provides over 19,000 jobs and pumps nearly $2 billion into our local economy. I do not want to see it at risk of being downsized as has been the case at other military air installations.

Flood Control –

  • Protection of the Sanitation Facility from flooding has been touted as a community benefit that would be provided if this project was allowed to be built. Two dollars a month has already been budgeted and approved to pay for a levee that would protect the Facility from flooding.
  • The only reason a bypass channel needs to be built is to protect the proposed 2,500 and over 100 acres of industrial/commercial buildings that would be built if this project were approved. Flooding is what makes this area prime farmland, it does not need to be protected by a massive 300 ft wide “ditch”.

Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) –

  • The RHNA numbers that quantify the need for housing by income group within each city have been used as a reason we need to build all these houses, condos, and apartments; but in fact, the housing projects that have already been approved by the City Council will give us enough houses to meet our housing quota.

State Code protection of farmland –

  • Section 65589.5c states that development should be guided away from prime agricultural lands.
  • Section 65561 states that the preservation of agricultural land is necessary for our economy, for availability of food, and for the enjoyment of scenic beauty.

Emotional Aspects –

  • Heartfelt reasons why you live in Camarillo, how important Camarilloʼs unique qualities are and how they contribute to our quality of life.
  • How we want to enable future generations to experience and enjoy the same small town, rural atmosphere that sets us apart from other cities.
  • We do not want to become a string of housing developments (no matter how “pretty”) from one end of town to the other like the San Fernando Valley, or Orange County.
  • This development is not a pubic benefit, but a benefit only to the landowners. The cost to our quality of life far outweighs any community benefit it might provide.

Economic Aspects –

  • Impact on business productivity as employee commutes, deliveries and shipping are prolonged due to traffic congestion.
  • With evidence all around us, empty buildings don’t necessarily translate into more jobs.
  • Regional Tourism efforts feature our farmland and open spaces. Visitors from the greater LA metropolitan area are impressed with our unique scenic viewsheds. Scenery is an integral component in attracting visitors to stay and play.

Where to send a letter:

The Camarillo City Council:

To send an email to an individual council member put his/her name on the subject line of the email.

Jan McDonald
Charlotte Craven
Mike Morgan
Bill Little
Kevin Kildee

Or mail it to them individually at:

<Name of Council member>
City of Camarillo
601 Carmen Drive Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 388-5307

Camarillo Planning Commission

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Ventura County Star Newspaper
Editorʼs Letters, Ventura County Star P.O. Box 6066
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FAX 805-4826167

Camarillo Acorn Newspaper

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The Camarillo Acorn
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