This could be the final Hearing!

This could be the final Hearing!

COME EARLY AND GET YOUR RESCIND STICKER to tell the City Council we want OPTION  2 (see below)

Tomorrow at 7:30pm at City Hall.  PLEASE be there to ensure that the City Council “rescinds the referral” and STOPS THE CONEJO CREEK project.

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Excerpts from the City Staff Report for tomorrow’s Public Hearing

“At this time, the City Council has three options with regard to the General Plan Amendment Referral for the Conejo Creek Project:

OPTION 1:  The City Council may allow the General Plan Amendment Referral to remain in place and continue to process the General Plan Amendment.

OPTION 2:  The City Council may rescind the General Plan Amendment Referral and direct staff to stop processing the General Plan Amendment.

OPTION 3:  The City Council may provide City staff with other direction with regard to the General Plan Amendment Referral. 

Therefore, if the City Council selects Option No.2 and rescinds the General Plan Amendment Referral for the Conejo Creek Project, then the Conjeo Creek Specific Plan and any other project entitlements for the Conejo Creek Project cannot be approved by the City Council due to lack of consistency with the General Plan.”

We will be submitting over 5,500 signatures from concerned citizens asking the City Council to NOT rezone the farmland and allow it to remain agricultural.

  • Farmland does not create more traffic.

  • This farmland allows flood waters to spread and replenish our local Pleasant Valley aquifer.

  • This farmland uses reclaimed water leaving more potable water in our aquifer.

  • This farmland helps to protect NBVC from encroachment.

  • This farmland keeps the wildlife corridor under the 101 freeway “open” for animal movement.

  • Farmland is not noisy.

  • This farmland provides our community room to breathe.

  • This farmland welcomes us home and makes our Camarillo Gateway unique.

  • This farmland is extremely productive.  Crops grow year-round and agriculture pumps $$$ into our economy.

It is equally important that you send emails and letters to the City Council.  Here is the link to write to all of them at once:

See you all tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 10th at City Hall Chambers. It starts at 7:30 pm and this will be the first item on the Agenda.

“The People are the City” but only if you show up and let them know how you feel!




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